The Experience

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Your bespoke bridal experience begins the moment you schedule your appointment at The One. Our mission is to celebrate YOU and create a truly memorable experience for you and yours during one of the most exciting events of your life.

-Ashley Jones

Experience Step 1

Step One

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive a bridal style questionnaire by email or text. Once you complete your questionnaire, we will match you with one of our expert bridal stylists to start developing the perfect bridal look of your dreams. Watch your email or text for any communication from your stylist.

Step Two

Prepare for your appointment. Prior to your appointment, take time to peruse the collections on our site and develop your wish list. Your stylist will review your list as part of her preparation for your appointment. In getting ready for your appointment, here are a few pro tips:

1. Wear nude undergarments. The dresses you will try on will not require any additional supportive undergarments, but if you plan to wear a bra or shapewear, wear those garments in a nude color to your appointment. Don't forget the nude underwear too.

2. If part of your wedding vision includes an up-do or long loose curls, style your hair like your vision. While the expectation isn't a fully complete look, pulling your hair up or curling your hair and putting on makeup will help you envision your dream when you try on 'The One'.

3. Come with an open mind. You may come into this saying "I would never wear a mermaid dress", but until you try on the different styles, you do not know how good some of the silhouettes can make you look!

White gown

Step Three

Your bridal appointment! We will anxiously be awaiting your arrival. First, you will meet with your bridal stylist for a quick overview of our store and services and a review of your information. Then, you and your guests will be shown to your personal bridal suite where you can enjoy refreshments and view some of the amazing looks your stylist has put together. You and your guests can feel free to browse our curated collection at your leisure. Next, try on the bridal design of your dreams and say yes to 'The One'!

Step Four

Your dress has arrived! You receive a text that your dress has arrived and now you need to schedule your fitting appointment. Schedule an hour-long fitting appointment on our web site, or through the link sent to you. Our on-site alterations team will meet with you to make sure your dress is the perfect fit. During your fitting, you can work with your stylist to find the accessories that will complete your dream look. Find the perfect shoes, hair accessories, and jewelry to round-out your unforgettable wedding day style.